George throwing a bitch to the floor

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"Hugh Laurie is every bit as complicated as House and absolutely every bit as misanthropic and miserable which makes me love him very, very much. It really makes him a joy to be around." —

-Robert Sean Leonard on Hugh Laurie!

And look at his smile when he’s saying it! Soooo cute:

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I think we’ve all had Monday’s like this.


I think we’ve all had Monday’s like this.

Where do you think Van Gogh rates in the history of art?

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Just in case

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"and all these faces, oh how they adore you
with every blessing, every strength of the storm.
and it seems to me it all worked out so different
funny how distance and time they don’t change at all.

so may your worries, may your worries
never fall too loud.
and may you stay here, may you stay here
happy in your own skin,
on the ninth cloud.”

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Jeremy Irons in Lolita (1997)

Jeremy Irons in Lolita (1997)


The Oscars 2014 - 16 Shameful Snubs


The Oscars 2014 - 16 Shameful Snubs


Saw one of these things for the USA. decided we needed an english version.

veronica fisher, aka my new favorite character from this show

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Side Effects

-HQ photos of actors
-Beautiful paintings&photography
-Random LOLz

-I run a Benedict Cumberbatch appreciation blog here @deareje
-Other crushes: James Rhodes, Hugh Laurie, Simon Amstell, Dylan Moran, Russell Tovey, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, .